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This is an awesome tip you have on RTTS that I overlooked when I made the switch from gsync on,vsync on + 141 FPS cap (RTTS) to gsync off, vsync off + 240 fps cap (RTTS) Going to go ahead and turn off RTTS and do the 240 fps cap with Fortnite only. And will test for a week of performance.

Open Nvidia Control Panel Got to “Display: Set up G-SYNC” Check “Enable G-SYNC G-SYNC Compatible” and select your preferred options Select your monitor Check “Enable settings for the selected. 9y. 0. I would. The standard V-sync in the games settings may override Adaptive Vsync or conflict with it. The only time I would use a setting in both the game and NVCP would be if the setting in NVCP (eg. - Anti-aliasing) has an option to 'enhance' or 'override' the application. btw - without knowing your system specifications and games.

When to turn VSync off Should your game arrive at a graphically intense climax and the frame rate drops below your monitor's refresh rate VSync will automatically attempt to match that sudden change, leaving you with unsightly visual and performance lag. In this case, having it turned off is to your gaming benefit. How to turn VSync on or off?.

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Why are my Nvidia Control Panel settings not saving? The fix is you have to go to your C: drive (where windows is installed) and then click on the top view and then check mark the hidden folders or similar to that go into that folder then go to Nvidia Copereation then go into Drs then highlight both of the nvdrsdb1 and nvdrsdb0 then hold ctrl and then press right click.

Dec 23, 2017 · 6) Scroll down and turn on "Vertical sync"; Step 2. We need to set up launch options: 1) Find your game in steam library; 2) Open properties; 3) Set launch option, mine resolution is FHD so i set up: -window-mode exclusive -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080. Step 3. Lauch the game and press alt+enter..

Right-click on your desktop and click on “ NVIDIA Control Panel ” Click on “ Manage 3D Settings ” from the navigation panel on the left Go to the Global Settings tab and scroll.

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